TCAS code of conduct on "Offer Reply" for all Thai applicants.

Chiang Mai University International Program Admission System (CMU-IPAS) is the admission system for international and bilingual programs offered by Chiang Mai University for both Thai and Non-Thai applicants. CMU-IPAS is an independent system from the Thai University Central Admission System (TCAS). For Thai applicant, CMU-IPAS adopts the same code of conduct on “Offer Reply” for TCAS lead by the Council of University Presidents of Thailand (CUPT). Here are procedures regarding the code conduct:

  • 1. Once admission results have been made, a successful applicant must reply to offers in both systems: CMU-IPAS and TCAS in specific time frames for each intake listed in the table below. If a candidate fails to do so, this will be considered as the “Decline ALL offers”.
  • 2. A candidate can accept ONLY ONE faculty/field of study out of the list of Offers.
  • 3. A candidate has only 3 counts to be able to change the acceptance on preferred faculty/field of study upon available offers. The counting starts at the first time the candidate making the acceptance. Each candidate can turn down an allocated spot just once but the change must be made within the designated time frame, this counts as the second. The third time will be the last and it cannot be changed anymore except to “Decline ALL offers”.
  • 6. Once a confirmed acceptance has been made, the candidate is not eligible to apply to the next available intake(s). If needed, he/she must decline – on the other hand – revoke his/her acceptance in order to be eligible to apply to the upcoming round of admission. All transaction of acceptance or decline must be done within the designated time frame.

Schedule 1st Intake 2nd Intake 3rd Intake 4th Intake
Registration in TCAS December 1, 2018 onwards.
Application period
Dec. 1–15, 2018 Dec. 19 2018-Feb. 6, 2019 Feb.13–Apr. 22, 2019 Apr. 28–Jun. 1, 2019
Announcement of admission results
Jan. 29, 2019 Apr. 3, 2019 May 23, 2019 Jun. 15, 2019
Offer Reply
Jan. 29-31, 2019 Apr. 3-10, 2019 May 23-29, 2019 Jun. 15-18, 2019
Offer Reply in TCAS
(For Thai candidate Only)
Jan. 30-31, 2019 Apr. 24-25, 2019 Jun. 17-18, 2019 Jun. 17-18, 2019
Revoke acceptance in TCAS
(For Thai candidate Only)
Feb, 2-3, 2019 Apr.26-27, 2019 No revoke permitted No revoke permitted