Program Information
Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology (FST)

Qualifications for

1. Eligibility:

Graduated from or studying in the final term of Matthayom Suksa 6 (M.6) or its equivalent under the following conditions,

  • 1) Graduated from or studying in M.6 in Thailand secondary education system or
  • 2) Graduated from an international school in Thailand or
  • 3) Graduated from an overseas institution/have certificated in the list of secondary education equivalency system in Annex 1 Except 7. Other Vocational School diploma

2. Academic:
  • 2.1 Applicants who are studying in or have graduated from the Thai educational system , are required to have the latest Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), 5 semesters for those who are studying and 6 semesters for those who already graduated, of overall grade of 3.00, and must have a minimum average CGPA of 3.00 for sciences subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology). The CGPA is used to gauge the applicants’ academic performance, but the selection committee will make a final decision based on overall achievements of the applicants.
  • 2.2 Applicants who submit a Standard Equivalency Certification Certification must have Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics in their transcript or listed in a standardized test (e.g. AP exam scores).
  • 2.3 All applicants are required to submit the following additional documents:
    Applicants are required to submit a personal portfolio (no more than 10 pages A4 size in PDF format). The personal portfolio must include:
    • 1.) Personal statement (no more than 650 words A4 size in PDF format).
    • 2.) An applicant’s profile, awards, or activities that showcase her/his aptitude in science and/or English.

3. Admission Track

There are 2 admission tracks available for applicants;

English Proficiency Qualification

  • 1) Applicants who are Native English Speakers and from a country where English is an official language are exempted from the English Proficiency requirement.
  • 2) Applicants who are Non-Native English Speakers or from a country where English is not an official language must submit one of the following Standard English Proficiency Test with a minimum score of:
  • o IELTS minimum band score of 5.0 or
  • o TOEFL minimum score of 500 PBT or 173 CBT or 61 IBT or
  • o TOEFL ITP Test with a minimum score of 500 PBT from institute/ center accredited by the Institute of International Education (IIE) or
  • o TOEIC minimum score of 600.

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